Hi! I am Gabriel Pichot, an engineering student at CentraleSupelec currently making a gap year. I am also a FullStack freelance developer combining a strong education on Information and Communications Technologies with interests for new social and communication tools. I like to work on projects that combine information systems, development (software, web and mobile), user experience improvement, computer science, data visualization and so on.

For now, I am doing a gap year. As part of it, I was in Singapore for an internship of six months at Essilor in the RX Operations department where I focused on improving a Supply Chain application and building application with the STOIC platform. I am now intern at Carrefour Group in the IT Team of the Internal Audit department. Here, I am working on various missions that cover subjects from IT services reviews, eCommerce to Business Continuity Plans in Carrefour France or other countries like Argentina.

I am seeking an internship of five months beginning in April 2016 for my last year of studies in Computer Science. So if you are interested by my profile, drop me a mail!

I am also a freelance developer, so if I can contribute to one of your projects let me know!

By the way, I have kept thing shorts, so feel free to check my past projects and résumé and again of course do not hesitate to contact me by email (me@gabrielpichot.com).

Selected Projects

Shor's Algorithm in OCaml

Algorithmic OCaml Quantum Algorithmic 2011 Shor

I wrote this algorithm during my second year of preparatory school and I presented it for the Great Schools national entrance exams.


The Shor's algorithm is an algorithm that factorise any integer in an efficient time on a quantum computer with a sufficient number of qubits. This implementation can be run on any classic computer, but do not expect to factorise any number above 1024. This is due to the fact that the algorithm has an exponential memory complexity when run on a classic computer.