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Shor's Algorithm in OCaml

Algorithmic OCaml Quantum Algorithmic 2011 Shor

I wrote this algorithm during my second year of preparatory school and I presented it for the Great Schools national entrance exams.


The Shor's algorithm is an algorithm that factorise any integer in an efficient time on a quantum computer with a sufficient number of qubits. This implementation can be run on any classic computer, but do not expect to factorise any number above 1024. This is due to the fact that the algorithm has an exponential memory complexity when run on a classic computer.


Django Python Community Portal Web Development

Paiji is the students portal for our school residence at CentraleSupelec Metz. The first version was written in PHP and merely unmaintainable. We decided to rewrite it from scratch around mid 2014 with Siqi Liu using the framework Django. I am focusing on avoiding past errors by avoiding coupling between modules (carpooling, chat, social, surveys etc) and improving testing (using Travis CI). I am also advising new developers on new developments and best and good practices.

CPP Formula Printer

2015 C++ School Libraries

A small school homework to introduce C++ that prints in text mode math formulas. I used my Yeoman generator for C++ projects that combine CMake, GTest, GCov and LCov to ease development (test coverage should be more than 90%).


XPath PHP XML XSLT CodeIgniter Libraries 2010

A CodeIgniter library to parse an "XML" file and output it as HTML. The aim was to reproduce the feature of OpenClassrooms for text editing: writing <gras>test</gras> outputs <b>text</b>. I used an XML parser combined with XSLT templates.