• Name: Gabriel Pichot
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Driver's license



Since 2012; Engineering School of CentraleSupélec, French Leading school in ITC (Information & Communication Technology). Courses (non exhaustive):

  • Computer Science
  • Signal Processing
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Project Management

Higher School Preparatory Classes

Preparation for national competitive entrance exams to leading French "Grandes Écoles", Poitiers (France)

Mathematics and Physics (MP*) - Option Computer Science

High School

Baccalauréat in Sciences (French secondary school diploma) with high honors, Poitiers (France)


Internal Auditor, Carrefour Group

Internal Auditor , IT Team, Carrefour Group, February 2015 - July 2015, Paris

Review of IT services provided by external companies or internal units to support Carrefour Operations. I have participated in four missions to assess Governance, Run, Reversibility and Continuity of services.

  • Review of Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plan procedures for IT operations including visits of Data Centers (in France and Argentina) ;
  • Review of IT services provided by external companies (Morocco) like Applications Development.

It is a great opportunity to familiarize myself with the retail business and IT services in a big company that manage millions of transactions a year.

RX Operations Systems Intern; Essilor AMERA

July 2014 - January 2015; Rx Operations Systems Intern, Essilor AMERA (Asia Middle-East Russia Africa), Singapore

  • End-to-end conception of applications on top of the STOIC platform (master data centralization, machines park managemement, ticket management):
    • specifications, data model conception, connection with other application;
    • development in close relation with the STOIC start-up (bug reporting, feedback);
    • deployment and support;
    • Google Script & Google App, Excel
  • Development takeover of an existing application manage and build reports about status of orders in supply chain:
    • Development with a team based in Bangalore (India);
    • Short-loop interaction with users, support and deployment;
    • Specifiations and implementations of new functionnalities in order to improve user experience, application design and performances;
    • AngularJS, Java Spring Framework, Bootstrap, Highcharts and other javascript libraries.
  • Setting up a reverse proxy to provide an access to external customers or entities:
    • Documentation, security considerations and solution deployment;
    • OpenSSL, Squid, Apache2

FullStack/DevOps, J2S

Since 2012, Full Stack/DevOps at Junior Supelec Strategy, Junior Enterprise

  • Jul. - Sep. 2014: development of e-commerce website dedicated to advertise products for companies (Django (Python));
  • Jul. - Oct. 2013: finalisation of an abandonned project to manage appointments (core website of a new start-up) with Symfony2;
  • Oct. - Nov. 2012: migration of a static website to the framework CodeIgniter (local start-up specialized in giving training sessions in long-term development) ;
  • Other: giving training sessions in development to other students (html, css, databases, Django, Git).

Developper Intern, Sorégies

July-August 2013, Software Developper Intern, Sorégies (eletricity and gas provider), Poitiers (France)

  • Development of a web application to manage memorandums about changes on the electricity transport network
    • Specifications and development with direct users (Symfony2, Html2PDF).

Selected Projects

CPP TDigest, 2015

An implentation of the TDigest algorithm in C++. The TDigest Algorithm is a "MapReduce" algorithm used to efficiently compute quantiles.

Azthek Media Center, 2012-2013

A web application able to fetch directories trees from remote servers (Samba, FTP) and to retrieve Movies and TV Shows information (Django).

SupLDAP v2, 2013

Building a website in order to display LDAP group information for other students, LDAP, Django

Shor Algorithm, 2012

Prepatory School Project, Shor Algorithm, Implementing the algorithm of Shor on a classic computer (OCaml).

Youbot Room 3D Mapping, 2014

End-of-year project for year 2013-2014, SUPELEC

  • Using ROS (Robot Operating System) with map stack (C++/Python, Makefile)

Wi-Fi Coverage, 2013

Wi-Fi coverage of the Supelec residence, Rézo Supéléc Metz

  • Using Unifi access points to cover 4 buildings and ~400 students
  • Switches, Access points and Controller configuration (VLANs, PoE, Radius)

Associations & Commitments

Rézo Supéléc Metz, 2013

Member of Rezo Supelec Metz (Vice-President in 2013), Association in charge of providing access to the internet for ~400 students of the Supelec residence

  • Hardware maintenance (Switches, wires, access points, servers);
  • Monitoring of switches, servers and access points (deployment of Observium & Zabbix);
  • Server administration (Apache2, IRC, VMs, Iptables);
  • Web & scripting development (CMS updates and Frameworks: Drupal, Wordpress, CakePHP, Django).
  • Installation of new services (Gitlab, Redmine, OpenLDAP).

Student Council Supelec Metz, 2013

Head of Student Communication, in 2013

  • Organizing events for students, conferences, and in charge of communication with the other schools of the campus.

IT Skills

  • Operating Systems: Linux Distributions, Windows.
  • Languages: Python, OCaml, Javascript, C/C++, Java, PHP
  • Other lang.: Mathematica, Matlab, Latex, HTML, CSS, Less, Sass
  • Admin Sys.: Apache2, OpenWRT, OpenLDAP, Radius, iptables, bind9 (DNS).
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, LDAP
  • Frameworks: Django, Symfony2, AngularJS, Java Spring Framework, CodeIgniter
  • Libraries: jQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize and many others


  • French: native language
  • English: B2 Level
  • Spanish: A2 level


Jogging, Swimming, Reading, Acting (9 years of practice), Handball (9 years, team captain in second year of engineering school).